For ages 3 to 5 Years old in Nursery and Reception


Starting a new setting can be as challenging as finishing and moving on to big school. Dealing with the dynamics and emotions of a new setting, our Workshops encourage young people to recognise their wellbeing, discover their skills through creative engagement.


Learning and Understanding the world through creative art processes, activities and developing a sense of self determining skills and utilising them to make sense of the world around us through creative arts. Curriculum and Personal Development


Celebrating through creative arts encourages young people to celebrate milestones such as Graduations or Fun Days. Other Calendar events including festivals, fairs and similar community events focused on Families and Community engagement.

Our Workshops Are Ideal For:

Key Skills: EYL

Early Years Learning 100%

Family & Community Groups

Family & Community Support 100%


Special Education Needs 100%

Our Workshops are Bespoke and delivered to your specification. So whether you prefer to book us according to your events or according to your curriculum and focused programmes, contact us for more information. Duration and booking details below can be customisable to service users needs.

Hourly Sessions

Per Day

Half /Full Day/s

Per week

8-12 weeks


How It Works

To provide effective impact we gather the necessary information regarding the service user, such as Key Skills, learning stages or topics beforehand to ensure a suitable package is offered and delivered.

1. Contact Us

let us know who are delivering to and what age groups or learning stages either curriculum, or interpersonal development…etc

2. Bespoke Programe

We outline a suitable package, workshop or activities that meet the requirements of the service users by considering all necesssary criteria

3. Delivery

Once the Bespoke programme has been agreed. we deliver a unique package of activities that are aligned to the specifications outlined

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