Early Learners

Our Services provide opportunities for self-exploration, interpersonal support, skill-building, and problem-solving in topic areas related to skills for life, academic or professional and personal development.

Creative Support

Our Personal Development Programmes offer creative support to identify long term goals, raise awareness and provide an opportunity to develop weaknesses into strengths therefore creating opportunities and avoiding threats to your wellbeing, happiness or success. 


Participants are invited, guided, and encouraged to Explore, Discover their unique attributes. 


Define what makes you different, since we are all special in our own unique way. 


Develop your interpersonal skills to be able to gain opportunities and avoid threats


Express your uniqueness to live a fulfiling lifestyle focused on your wellbeing , happiness and success

Field End Primary School

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Edgbaston Park Day Nursery

Learning through Creative Arts is all about Expressing yourself by Exploring and Discovering what makes you Happy and how Unique you are as an individual or as a group. These young artists from Edgbaston Park Day Nursery will be transitioning from nursery to school so we joined them on their #journey to encourage them to be themselves and to enjoy being “themselves” as that will help to build their character, resilience and gain confidence in being themselves, specially when it comes to making friends and entering a whole new world

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