Development Programmes

Discover yourself... through Creative Arts

Our development programmes are at aimed at gaining transferable skills that develop young people into leading independent lives and develop their skills or ability to solve problems. Knowing your strength and weaknesses is the start to recognising yourself, what community you belong to including the added value of self definition. 
Self confidenceProblem solving skillsSocial or Cultural AwarenessEnvironmental Issues / Health & Relationships  

Our programmes

…are tailored to suit specific needs of the participants. We identify priorities and key learning messages, and then adapt our content and activities accordingly

As a result, participants are highly engaged and find great value in relevant solutions to specific challenges what they face in their day to day environment.

Focused Learning

Our Interventions are focused on: 

Academic Development / Personal Development / Professional Development


An opportunity to EXPLORE who you really are through activities that will help you DISCOVER, DEFINE & DEVELOP your weaknesses and turning them into strengths creating opportunities and avoiding threats to your wellbeing.

Health Care

To raise and develop awareness, of the rights of children and young people. Increasing awareness and understanding about Personal, Physical & Mental health especially wellbeing in themselves and others.

Self Management

Through fun and interactive sessions, young people learn transferable skills relating to TIME and MONEY. Enabling young people to self manage and envision a realistic pathway with achievable outcomes. Our workshops can be delivered in a variety of settings such as schools, colleges, youth centres, pupil referral units and youth offender institutions


Interactive sessions help young people learn and understand more interchangeable skills through appearance management and customisation.

Your Future

Through Creative Practise we focus on developing creative processes that are aimed at understanding and developing strategies or solution finding techniques and problem solving practices that enable young people to lead fulfilling lifestyles.


Meaningful youth participation can enhance and benefit a young person’s sense of connectedness (sense of self), belonging (ownership and engagement) and feeling of being valued, which con contribute to positive mental health and a happy fulfilling future.

Some of the benefits are listed below.

Creative Workshops

Development Programmes


Our workshops are designed to run for specific time to ensure the impact and value is delivered within the booked times.


Short and effective sessions ideal for small to large groups / Ideal for Awareness Raising, Training Days etc


Ideal for larger groups, classes or close group set up also great for Celebrations & Milestones


Ideal for large and small groups. Appropriate for Self development, Awareness Raising and Celebrations & Milestones.


Please specify the number of participants for each session so we can allocate the right amount of resources such as staff or volunteers and to ensure that there is adequate materials and equipment for each participant.

Small Groups of upto


Large Group of upto