Self Development Programmes

Therapeutic Development Programmes

Participants are guided to discover, define and develop him or herself through the art making process.

Creative Support

Through Engagement & Participation, our Therpeutic Development Programmes offer creative support to identify long term goals, raise awareness and provide an opportunity to develop weaknesses into strengths therefore creating opportunities and avoiding threats to your wellbeing, happiness or success. 

One 2 One

The confidential and respectful format of workshops allows participants to express their concerns and stretch their limits within a context of mutual trust and creative exploration. 

Small Groups

Participants are invited, guided, and encouraged to Explore, Discover, Define and Develop him or herself through the art making process. 

Creative Training

Participants gain understanding of the relevance of their current learning and development, linking it directly to future opportunities so they can make informed choices about their life, learning and development.

Express Yourself through your skills, your unique qualities to live and create a fulfilling lifestyle focused on your wellbeing, happiness and success.

Express Yourself Programmes

Creative arts programmes to enable participants of all ages and of all backgrounds, to define and develop their unique skills, strengths and opportunities. Express what makes you unique so you can live a fulfilling lifestyle. Focused on PARTICIPATION.

Discover what makes you unique through creative arts. Identifying and transforming your weaknesses into strengths to act on opportunities and avoid threats to your Well-being, Happiness & Success.

Discover Yourself Programmes

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We use Creative Arts as a tool to evaluate your own personal development and learning, set realistic targets and goals for future life choices and develop strategies for meeting them.

Today CEO Programmes

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Aims & Objectives

Our aim is to improve wellbeing by instilling a sense of self worth, develop awareness, gaining confidence to express and raise awareness of issues that affect all aspects of young peoples lives.

Raising Awareness

Explore& Discover what makes you unique. Identify yourself through activities that provide a sense of self worth and develop transferrable skills.

Identifying Solutions

Defining positive & coherent attitudes, beliefs and values that one holds about him or herself and their future.

Problem Solving

Encourages participants to see things from a different perspective to develop a sense community and increased Ownership.

Identity & Self Awareness

Focused on developing communication skills, verbal and non verbal or visual communication, creating a narrative or expressing yourself.

Resilience Building

Increased ability to gain Professional skills by planning and taking positive actions towards achieving goals Skills Development

Conflict Resolution

Identifying social and interpersonal issues by evaluating options to reach a reasonable conclusion, develop suitable methods to define and express findings

Creative Support

Recognise your local Heritage or the Cultural links to your immediate community & environment. Raising awareness to Historical, Geographical or Social Issues

Confidence & Risk Taking

Increased positive beliefs about personal future aspirations. Having hope and optimism about one’s future potential, goals, options, choices or experiences.

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