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Discover, Define, Develop and Express Yourself through Creative Therapeutic Arts

The Creative Art Process is central to wellbeing, happiness & success!!

Our services provide an opportunity to develop weaknesses into strengths, creating opportunities by avoiding threats

to your wellbeing, happiness and success

Self Development Programmes

Participants are guided to discover, define and develop him or herself through our creative process…write draw create and make!

Creative Educational Programmes

Participants develop the skills and attributes which are necessary for learning, life skills and developing opportunities.

Therapeutic Arts Programmes

Learning Through Art is about encouraging the development of visual processing skills and improving fine motor skills

Community Projects

Creative solutions to wider issues and topics affecting communities.. ie social economic or wellbeing

Celebrations & Milestones

Skilled Arts activities aimed at gaining transferrable skills and enjoyable for all ages.

Event Support

Creative Engagement & Participation that encourages groups, Families and communities.

Gain Transferrable Skills For Work & Life

At Lemonpop Workshops our aims are focused on these objectives to provide meaningful engagement and participation that adds value and provides the necessary impact for participants

Professional Skills

Management & Inter-Personal Organisation

Creative Skills

Developing Solutions & Problem Solving Skills

Technical Skills

Understanding Processes, Tools, Equipment & Materials

Our Exclusive Programmes

Our Personalised programme uses the creative process of art making to improve and enhance the wellbeing of individuals, in a safe and creative space where participants are invited, guided, and encouraged to rediscover, define and develop him or herself through the art making process.

01. Discover Yourself

Participants are guided to discover, define and develop him or herself through the art making process.

02. Express Yourself

Participants develop the skills and attributes which are needed and necessary for learning, life and work opportunities.

03. Today CEO

Creative engagement & participation through activities that engage groups, families and local communities

Our delivery is centred on these 9 Key areas that help to add Value to our engagement and participation therefore providing the necessary impact for participants.

All About Me

Explore & Discover what makes you unique through creative activities. Identify your uniqueness through activities that provide positive sense of self.

Identity & Ideals

Identify positive and coherent attitudes, beliefs and values that one holds about their own future. Who are you and how do you express that which is unique to you?


Encourages participants to see things from different perspectives to create a sense of community. Define what community means to you or identify your community through creative arts.

Telling Stories

Focusing on the range of methods used to communicate positively and interact with others, develop your communication skills through creative arts.

Positive Messages

The ability to identify an issue, absorb information from multiple sources and evaluate options to reach a reasonable or positive conclusion or result that you will be pleased with.

Connecting Places

Youth feel safe in their immediate environment by developing and identifying Physical or non physical attributes about their immediate environment ie areas free from violence, conflict and crime.

Order & Organisation

The motivation and ability to make plans and take action towards meeting a personal goal, includes problem-solving, planning, decision-making and critical thinking. 

Make A Difference

Participants feel free to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings about their immediate environment or community by expressing themselves positively.  What do you stand for?

Looking Forward

Increased positive beliefs about personal future aspirations at the conclusion of training/ programme. Having knowledge and optimism about one’s future potential, goals, options, choices or experiences.

Focused on Value And Impact!!

Lemonpop Workshops continues to have a positive impact on society by working close with Schools, community organisations providing Creative Solutions 

We Provide Creative Solutions

Our creative programmes are fun for all ages but focus on Resilience BuildingLeadership TrainingSelf Development, Community Participation and Engagement & Participation; increasing the sense of OwnershipResponsibility and Empowerment.

4-6 Years



Day Centres

Community Groups & Organisation

7-12 Years



Community & Special Schools

Youth Groups & Clubs

13-18 Years


Colleges & Universities

6th Form

Young Offenders

+21 Years


Colleges & Universities

Adult Learning Centres

Community Groups & Organisation

Impact Report 2022

Engagement & Participation

Results from Lemonpop Workshops Evaluation for Engagement & Participation throughout 2022


Participants Engaged


Schools Engaged


Positive Reviews

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Our Programmes are delivered either once or twice a week, depending on availability or as a carousel to accommodate larger groups such as schools etc… Sessions usually run for approx. 1-2 hours per session however can be customised to suit your needs.

Whether it is the group sessions such as the whole school or one to one sessions, we offer meaningful support, our programmes can be delivered as a

one off session or delivered as part of a continuous 4 – 12 Weeks programme

Programmes are aimed at 4 -18 year olds with programmes catering for Adult Groups, Families and the wider community available, however can be personalised to accommodate your preferences,
needs and requests.

To request our services please contact us and by completing an Expression of Interest form and we will respond with the most suitable solution for you, your Organisation, University, School or College.